So, who am I?

I was born in Oulu Finland  1962.Already as a child I had an idea what it was as an adult I would like to do. But the traumatic experiences of childhood closed me in to my shell for a long time.

As a young man from theater I found the “ salvation” and the long journey to crack my shell had it’s beginning. For many years theater replaced the real life and I was like refuge who found food and shelter. In theater I was safe.

But as years went by the pressure to find something outside the theater world started to grow and I began my therapy journey . First as a man who needed help and in second step I studied different therapy forms to complement my experience.

I’ve used a long time in my work the union between personal stories and artistic creativity. I believe firmly that powerful art is born from something utterly personal. Then through artistic creativity it can become universal.

Year 1998 represented a big change for me: I moved to Italy following my hearts voice. We got married 2003 and 2006 I became also a father of a boy.

In a new country I had to recreate myself again. Slowly I was able to start to work again with my passion; theater. I worked as a freelance, doing workshops, creating and directing performances and working also as an actor. 2015 I opened my own studio “Creative Healing Arts”. I continued doing my artwork, but I also broaden my work by starting offer counseling and coaching. It was intense experience of 5 years.

Another big change took over in march 2020, when the whole world closed down.I decided to close my studio and end this chapter in my life.After some soul searching, I started to find out what I really wanted to do in my life:I Started the creation of the project “ Men and Violence”, with which I’m still working on at this day.

I’ve realized how important it is in life to find your true purpose, it gives another sense for your life. It starts to thrive you, and that has been a great feeling. With my work I want to encourage people to do the same: find theirs purpose .

Tapani Mononen

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